Re: Java and HTML and well known socket numbers (fwd)

Once upon a time Matthew James Marnell shaped the electrons to say...
>Okay, since nobody else has asked yet.  What's stopping you from putting
>httpd's whatever port you see fit and adding that to your URL for that

I had a private email on this, wish I had saved it since I don't feel like
rewriting it (if you're out there, feel free to forward it to the list).

Basically it comes down to future development and the desire to have a way
for two-way Java applet exchange - but at the same time not have to worry
about the web httpd accepting applets, but rather have them on another port
in a much more secure area.

This doesn't change *serving* applets out, but I'm thinking of twoway where
some will be coming *back*.

Sure, I can run a httpd on any port - we have one on 8080 interrnally on
a machine that also has one on 80.  I could put one on port 34254.  But then
it is a portability issue.

Imagine if the httpds used for the web were all on random port numbers and
you had to specify the socket for it on *every* URL.  Then you move your
site to a new server - and have to change them all.

Well known ports avoid all that.

And since the plans for Java seem to make it's use on the Web but a fraction
of its application base, it would be nice to have a socket that is known to
be used for Java when developing applications.

Microsoft, IBM, and Sun have all announced they will be embedding Java
engines *in the OS* so developers can write full scale applications with
no need for a browser or applet viewer to run.

Socket 80 has become known as the 'web socket'.  Yes, technically it is 
just httpd, doesn't mean is has to be WWW - but de facto it is.

>specific content type.  Go find the documentation on which ports do
>what, and pick one that isn't being used.  I have no problem personally


>I don't have to find the best server, download it, configure it.  It's
>already there, it works.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The servers running today are unlikely to handle the work Java developers
are planning for the next year.  This was an overriding issue at JavaOne.

BTW, let's move this to www-talk since it is less and less concerned
with www-html.

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