Re: HTML 3.2: PRE should not exclude IMG

Benjamin Franz wrote:
[ About allowing <ING> inside <PRE> ]

> Also the 'exception' you claim here is one that has precisely defined
> behaviour in all the browsers I know of and your objection that 'in
> general images are not the same size' is irrelevant because page designers
> who are exploiting this behavior don't have images that 'just happen' to
> be the exact same size: They done it on purpose.

Yes, but you cannot put that in a DTD. If you allow <IMG> inside
<PRE>, than you allow *any* image inside <PRE>, whether it makes
sense or not. 

> The whole issue is rapidly becoming irrelevant anyway since the use of
> images in PRE is a hack to work around the lack of deployed tables - a
> situation that has all but disappeared now as even AOL is rolling out a
> table capable browser - leaving Lynx as the only browser with any
> significant share that _cannot_ do tables. Tables are *much* superior
> in achieving page layout control in general.

TeX and PostScript are even better.


Received on Monday, 3 June 1996 09:23:23 UTC