Re: Make HTML a real SGML application (sgml-lex?)

Mary Holstege, wrote:
|I don't understand the terrible resistance to allowing (encouraging) HTML
|to contain SGML prologues and using the power implied by the existence of
|that to achieve useful results.

I'd love to have declaration subsets available right now as a clean way to
manage our application interface HTML template base.

Although there might be fear in some quarters that mortals might not grasp
SGML, my problem is that an ISO 8879 system can't be had for free in under 1mb
executable on my sun.  Either its all or nothing, and all is quite a lot right

Dan...had you looked at what's involved including support for the declaration
subset in sgml-lex?



Received on Tuesday, 30 July 1996 15:38:22 UTC