Wilbur et al.

I'd like to point out a cultural issue that bothers me from time to time.

For some reason people like to use the name Wilbur for different things,
Computers, Time Share Operating Systems, Communications devices, People who
own talking horses, and of course, who can forget the pig?  Now it's being
used for the 3.2 spec..

I'm curious why "Wilbur" was chosen as the name for the description of the
current practice in HTML.  After all, growing up with the name Wilbur has
been hard enough, the calls of "Willllbbbuuuurrrrr" followed by the snort
like a horse was everyone else's idea of a joke.  Don't get my wrong, it was
funny, about the first 1,000 times that I heard it.  Now everyone on the WWW
is wondering about this Wilbur thing.  I can see it now, "Wilbur says that
you can't do that!"

Of course, my last name doesn't help the situation much either.. 

I for one would like to get the PC police after the W3C group that decided
to use a personal name for a specification..  Perhaps there are some
appropriate names that we can call them?  Wilbur's of the world unite!

But on the other hand, I've resigned myself to people associating my name
with technology, so a little more doesn't really matter.


Putting a human face on technology. ;-)

Received on Tuesday, 30 July 1996 00:21:54 UTC