Re: Cougar DTD: Do not use CDATA declared content for SCRIPT (fwd)

Once upon a time David Perrell shaped the electrons to say...
>The formalism itself should not be a hack. If a script cannot currently
>be legal SGML content, then either a content type should be devised
>that works or SCRIPT should not be formalized in its current form at

I was pondering this over the weekend, but I'm handicapped in that I came
from HTML and have been learning SGML only as time permits (ha!) so I don't
have the skill needed...

We've been arguing about how CDATA or PCDATA both have problems.  Well, can
we define a new type - say SDATA (Script DATA) such that it handles inline
scripting and can be handled as another data type in SGML without hacking
up existing scripts?

Another question - <SCRIPT SRC="data:..."></SCRIPT>

Can someone give me the URL to investigate data: URLs, I'd like to see how
multiline scripts would be inlined.  (How do the line returns get 
coded, does it handle actual returns in the file to line wrap cleanly, etc)

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Received on Monday, 29 July 1996 23:45:19 UTC