Re: Comments in markup? (Murray Altheim) wrote:
>Comments are only allowed in declarations. And the only declarations within
>HTML document instances you'll find are comment declarations -- all the
>rest is considered markup. You'll note that you can't put <!ENTITY ..>
>declarations within the document instance either.

	Could you elaborate on these issues in relation to marked
sections and the scripting issue?

	<!-- is OK in a document instance, and ultimately should end
with a --> or --white> but can't reliably hide a script which might
contain -- as a decrementer, or --, -->, etc., as strings in script

	<SCRIPT ...>...</SCRIPT> is almost OK with "add hoc" parsers
that just look for the end tag, but those still could get tripped
up if </SCRIPT> were in a script statement and not really the end
tag, and it seems basically to have the same problem for real SMGL
parses as do PLAINTEXT and XMP.

	<![[ also has the problem that a script statement might include
what looks like it's terminator.

	So isn't it in fact true that the ONLY way to include script
code "100%" safely in an HTML document instance is as an encoded (hex
or BASE64) attribute value?


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