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At 03:22 AM 7/25/96 -0400, triangle man wrote:
>Paul Prescod wrote:
>> Global shared state is handled in Windows through the global Windows
>> registry. Microsoft (or a sufficiently influential ISV) announces what
>> registry keys to use and everyone uses them.
>He's talking about *preferences* 

Preferences are global state. They are stored in the Windows registry.

>The point of an IC-like system would be to allow the user to specify
>which particular app to use - and why a browser? what about
>news, ftp, mail, gopher, wais, telnet? What if I want an ftp URL to
>launch Netscape, but an http URL to launch IE?

That works on Windows 95, too. 

C:\>start news:comp.text.sgml

will launch my (Microsoft) newsreader. This is almost certainly stored
somewhere in the registry too. Of course hardly anyone would ever use the
command line in that way, I'm just showing that it is implemented deep the OS.

WinExec( "news:comp.text.sgml" );

should do the same thing. This all depends, however, on you installing
either Microsoft PLUS or Internet Explorer. Windows 95 doesn't have the
latest MS Internet stuff in it.

 Paul Prescod

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