Re: Product Differentiation (was Re: ReComments on Cougar DTD:)

> Walter Ian Kaye writes in <v03007802ae1977f4204e@[]>:
> >  * Nix the newsreader and email; NewsWatcher and Eudora are better
> >    (and please reduce the software's ram+disk footprint accordingly)
> Instead of that, make the newsreader and emailer dynamically linkable 
> somehow.  In that way, people who already have better newsreaders and 
> emailers can use theirs in place of the built-ins, while there will still be 
> support for news and email for people who do not have newsreaders or 
> mailers.  TimBL's original idea of unifying the handling of Internet 
> protocols via browser URL processing is still a good one -- it has just 
> suffered in the case of news and email from mediocre implementations in 
> browsers.
Um, Internet Config, anyone?
That seems ideal.  API, consolidated helper info, etc.  Already
done, extensible, and doesn't seem to conflict with anything.

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