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On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, MegaZone wrote:

> Once upon a time Stephen R. Laniel shaped the electrons to say...
> >Is there any way to control the spacing between <HR>s?  If not, I'd like to see something like:
> This may be possible with Style Sheets.
> ><SPACING=x>
> ><HR>
> ><HR>
> I wouldn't want to see a tag like this in HTML - this is really to basic a
> layout tag.  Something like this should be in CSS.
> You can always create an image of the double lines and insert the IMG tag
> where you need it.

Except that not all browsers will allow you to resize to fit the width of
the window, and that won't always look good either. CSS is a much better
way of doing it (but of course there's little point in stating why because
that's already been said).


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