Re: Line breaking (<NOBR>, <WBR>)

At 04:00 PM 7/22/96 +0100, Abigail wrote:
>Paul Prescod wrote:
>No, that will not work. Some people will use CLASS=PHONE, others
>or CLASS=TEL, or more probably CLASS=NO_BREAK. Since anyone can think up of
>a class name, the CLASS attribute is worthless for the reader, it's only
>for the author. Editors will use attribute names like FOO138, as they have no
>idea it it used for a phone number, all the author can do is select a 'new
>I think a class will only be useful for the associated stylesheet.

If one of the major vendors assigns semantics to particular classes, those
class names will become de facto standards. Standards organizations could
also standardize the semantics of particular classes. CLASS="w3c-phone" .
Those lists would never be "complete" (just as there is no "correct" DTD),
but they could be widely used (just as particular DTDs are widely used).

 Paul Prescod

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