Re: semantic markup for math

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:

> The other community I'd expect to pull for this is the same folks who
> use LaTeX to write papers: the math and CS community. I'm surprised
> that nobody in that community has hacked Mosaic to do math.

Well I think that this community is pulling for this, and the reason that
nobody has hacked Mosaic is that we have Arena, which doesn't seem to me
to have any disadvantages. The PC community is supported by udiWWW. No
support in the Apple or Acorn community as far as I know (Stewart???).
And the reason that the latex writing community has been happy up to now
is that there is an excellent converter, latex2html, which produces
html 3 including maths which arena can read. Now it may be that extra
symbols are required, but this is surely a fairly easy job. Personally
I would be quite happy with latex2html and arena if there was a small
amount of development work to add extra symbols, and an assurance that
arena would be maintained.

Dave Carter

Received on Monday, 22 July 1996 05:24:29 UTC