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>Dave Raggett <> wrote:
>> Dan Connolly and I have discussed this with vendors and without
>> naming people, we met with resistance to adding the proposed changes
>> to HTML.  An easier and perhaps better route for such presentation
>> features will be via style sheets.
>Bleh. Is it really that much easier to implement
>HR { src = "foo.gif" } than <HR SRC="foo.gif"> for a browser developer?

It sure is if you have to do it fifty times. Or five hundred times. Note
that stylesheets can be internal (to one document) or can be external
files, referenced by an entire server's content. And the author can make a
modification to one file rather than every instance of a style feature.

Once you've played with stylesheets hand-coding everything seems like such
tedium. The advantages seem pretty obvious.


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