RE: Netscape's SPACER

Holger Struppek wrote:

> You can use SPACER in three different ways...

Yes. So? I questioned the complexity of the attributes, not the tag. Compare your examples with equivalent examples using only HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes:


a2)  <SPACER WIDTH=width>


b2)  <BR><SPACER HEIGHT=height>

c1)  <SPACER TYPE=BLOCK WIDTH=width HEIGHT=height ALIGN=alignment>

c2)  <SPACER WIDTH=width HEIGHT=height ALIGN=alignment>

In case b2 a <BR> is required, but the pair of tags is still shorter.

> Actually I like the idea of this tag...

I didn't question the idea of the tag. I asked for a logical reason for the seemingly unecessary complexity, and so far no one has given me one. As far as I can see, the tag would make more sense as a block element, period, and I can't understand why anyone would muck it up, except, perhaps, to obfuscate the fact that this is simply the IMG tag without an image.

regards, David

Received on Wednesday, 17 July 1996 17:42:52 UTC