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Once upon a time Daniel W. Connolly shaped the electrons to say...
>In message <>, MegaZone writes:
>> 'Nearly all' is not
>>acceptable, we should be looking for 'all compliant' browsers.  If a browser
>>decided to do something outside of the standard, that should not be the
>>concern of those setting the next standard.
>Would that it were so...

I'm talking in relative weighting I guess you could say -which should be
a greater concern:
Breaking something that has adhered to the spec as best they could.
Breaking something that deliberately violates the spec.

Given the choice between those to I would always pick the second - they
went outside the spec, so they knew the risks.

I know that there will be times when the former is unavoidable - but I
still say it is a last resort and other avenues should be taken.

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