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> Walter Ian Kaye <>
> |<META NAME="altgifs" CONTENT="">
> I've been suggesting for a year or so now that a convention be adopted to allow
> URI attributes to be interpreted as a space-separated list of alternates.  This
> doesn't break any current implementations (although some user information
> appears glommed together) but is probably too simple to work.

It would break Netscape. It simply takes everything in the quotes to be
the URL, including spaces. If you try:

<a href="">Follow this link</a>

Netscape will connect to and attempt to retrieve "/"
which will fail.

The problem with many of the proposals offered here is that they are not
general enough to allow the browser proper selection of the most desired
URL. Different URLs may differ in access time, proximity, language, data
format (e.g. GIF, JPEG, PNG), compression (e.g. none, zip, gzip, etc.),
size, charset, etc.

This has been discussed before (around May under "Proposal: New Anchor
attributes" on this list). Here is one proposal by Tim Berners-Lee and
Dave Raggett:

Marcus E. Hennecke

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