Re: Object Tags on Your Web Pages?

Once upon a time shaped the electrons to say...
>I'm putting together information about using the OBJECT tag, and would =
>like to look at more Web pages using the tag, and any tips anyone would =
>be willing to share, drawn from your own personal experiences.  Send =
>URL's and info to  Some of these URL's will end =
>up on a list of examples.  Thank you for your time.  Diane Brennan

If you are going to base it on pages make sure to validate them under
Cougar first.  I'd hate to see documentation written on a tag based on 
something someone has done wrong.

So far I don't know of any pages using it, isn't it only supported in
Amaya at this point?  Wait...  MSIE3.0 betas support it to, don't they?

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Received on Friday, 12 July 1996 22:20:40 UTC