I'm not sure of this, but does the following extract of the cougarDTD
mean that an IMG can be USEMAP and ISMAP *at the same time* ?

<!ELEMENT IMG    - O EMPTY --  Embedded image -->
        %style;     -- id, class, style --
        src     %URL     #REQUIRED  -- URL of image to embed --
        alt     CDATA    #IMPLIED   -- for display in place of image --
        align   %IAlign  #IMPLIED   -- vertical or horizontal alignment --
        height  %Pixels  #IMPLIED   -- suggested height in pixels --
        width   %Pixels  #IMPLIED   -- suggested width in pixels --
        border  %Pixels  #IMPLIED   -- suggested link border width --
        hspace  %Pixels  #IMPLIED   -- suggested horizontal gutter --
        vspace  %Pixels  #IMPLIED   -- suggested vertical gutter --
        usemap  %URL     #IMPLIED   -- use client-side image map --
        ismap   (ismap)  #IMPLIED   -- use server image map --
        title   CDATA    #IMPLIED   -- advisory title string --

Thus, if i provide such code :

     <img src="foo.png" alt="bar" usemap="client-side-use-map" ismap>

how is the User Agent supposed to behave ?

Why not define a exclusion rule between usemap and ismap (or do I miss
something here ?) ?

I noticed it's in the wilburDTD as well, so pardon me if that topic
was already addressed here before.


Received on Friday, 12 July 1996 11:52:25 UTC