Re: Cougar DTD extra character entities

There's been some discussion of additions to the entities table in the Cougar
draft <>.

As the maintainer of the terminfo databases, and co-maintainer of ncurses, 
I'd like to urge that the special characters of the curses ACS series also be
included in the standard entities.  This would have major functional and
portability benefits, enabling one of the most widely used extension-glyph
aets to be mapped directly to HTML.

These characters are:

upper left corner	ACS_ULCORNER
lower left corner	ACS_LLCORNER
upper right corner	ACS_URCORNER
lower right corner	ACS_LRCORNER
tee pointing right	ACS_LTEE
tee pointing left	ACS_RTEE
tee pointing up 	ACS_BTEE
tee pointing down	ACS_TTEE
horizontal line 	ACS_HLINE
vertical line   	ACS_VLINE
large plus or crossover	ACS_PLUS
scan line 1     	ACS_S1
scan line 9     	ACS_S9
diamond         	ACS_DIAMOND
checker board (stipple)	ACS_CKBOARD
degree symbol   	ACS_DEGREE
plus/minus      	ACS_PLMINUS
bullet          	ACS_BULLET
arrow pointing left	ACS_LARROW
arrow pointing right	ACS_RARROW
arrow pointing down	ACS_DARROW
arrow pointing up	ACS_UARROW
board of squares	ACS_BOARD
lantern symbol  	ACS_LANTERN
solid square block	ACS_BLOCK

The entity recommendations should note that the forms-drawing characters
(ACS_ULCORNER...ACS_PLUS) should be fixed-width, even when the rest of the
font is proportionately spaced.
	<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

Received on Thursday, 11 July 1996 09:00:03 UTC