Re: Keyboard control extensions to HTML

At 5:37p -0400 07/10/96, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>While the recent proposal seems at odds with traditional
>HTML design goals, we have been messing around with keyboard
>"shortcut" stuff at W3C.
>For example, see:
><!ELEMENT LABEL - - (%text)* -(LABEL) -- field label text -->
>        %attrs;     -- id, class, style, lang, dir --
>        for         IDREF   #IMPLIED  -- matches field ID value --
>        accesskey   CDATA   #IMPLIED  -- accessibility key character --
>        title       CDATA   #IMPLIED  -- advisory title string --
>        onClick     %script #IMPLIED  -- intrinsic event --
>        >
>The way this is used is, for example:
>	<FORM>
>	</FORM>
>which might, for example, underline the U in "User Name".

What about conflicts with existing shortcuts? If it's already defined in
the browser (or the Operating System), do the document keys override the
browser/OS keys, or do the browser/OS keys override the document keys? Or
do you instead go into a special "mode" in order to enable the shortcuts,
and then end that mode?

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