Re: Table Extension

Thomas van Gulick wrote:
> The whole table does not need to be loaded completely before rendering.

Walter Ian Kaye ( wrote:
> Ah, but it does!

Thomas van Gulick wrote:
> Please read the message before replying. The way I use <TC> to define
> a column instead of doing the table row by row does *not* require the
> complete content to be available before starting to render.

I think what Walter was trying to point out is that there are a few
layout calculations you didn't take into account.  When you render
column by column, the height of each table row may change as new
cells arrive (due to text which runs several lines, or due to images,
for example).

So rendering column by column would not be much easier or nicer
than re-rendering the table after each row.  Rendering the table
after each row is possible too; it's just that browsers don't do it
currently because, i assume, it didn't seem worth the trouble.


Received on Monday, 8 July 1996 00:24:20 UTC