Re: character problems

> Now NORMALLY, and sticking to standards, I can't even write HTML in Greek.

The IETF html working group and the W3C is aware of problems with
supporting internationalization, and there is an effort in progress
to specify how to do HTML and forms input across a wide range of
languages and character encodings. (Laying the groundwork for
this added several months to delivery of the HTML 2.0 spec, but
it's not very obvious without reading the fine print. If you
follow RFC1866 you can actually use any characters available
in ISO-10646, in various character encodings. See section 1.2.1
and the footnotes.)

There's been a series of Internet drafts under the title, 
"Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language"
which have tried to address these problems in more detail.
(It says something about the question of forms input.)

But it's true that it's hard to do much with widely deployed

    Albert Lunde            

Received on Thursday, 4 July 1996 17:46:40 UTC