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At 6:44p -0500 07/02/96, wrote:
>     I know everyone's experiences may vary, but I was completely surprised
>     a few months ago by our stats.  Lynx ranked up there somewhere in the
>     top ten browser types, way over the numbers below.  I still use it
>     from time to time, especially over telnet when I can't be bothered to
>     start up a heavy GUI.

Yup, even with my very GUI MacOS computer, I find it very convenient to
fire up Lynx when I'm telnetting in to my ISP. Also, since my telecom
program supports text drag-and-drop, I can drag a selection of text to the
desktop or another application (with Netscape, I have to copy/paste into an
email window before I can drag the text). And it's faster too, of course.


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