RE: Introducing NetscapeML

Who is demanding?  One of these days I'd like to know exactly which
company is actually making/paying so much money on this technology that
Netscape simply HAS to add tags to HTML.....

You know, sometimes I think it's just the guys who are doing the layout
for Netscape's Home page.

*printability and security are the core features Wall  *
*Street and the general financial community demand     * *before using
the Web to distribute data               *
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>There is indeed copious "market demand" for the simple yet powerful
>extensions. We completed them earlier than we expected and are eager to
>get them into a beta product and try them out. We continue to work on
>implementing CSS and other HTML 3.2 features.
>Thomas Reardon wrote:
>> I want to be the first to.... 
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