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| At 12:02 AM 7/2/96 +0900, Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
| >> Netscape is still the clear winner, and likely to remain 
| >> so as long as Microsoft is interested only in proprietary
| >> platforms (Windows and Macintosh)...
| >
| >Agreed.
| I disagree. Microsoft's browser will most likely dominate the majority of
| the desktops on the planet running Microsoft operating systems. In fact, I
| expect that by the middle of next year many people will be using a Microsoft
| operating system where the browser is so integrated that Netscape feels
| "different", as if you has installed a different command line shell or
| desktop.

Note that my original sentence, which preceded the quote above, limited
"clear winner" to my particular usage, which requires support of
non-Windows, non-Mac desktops.  I agree with your guess.

| Perhaps the best of all possible worlds would be for Netscape to maintain
| dominance on Mac and Unix and Microsoft to dominate the rest. Having a
| single standard encourages "coding to the browser" and that inevitably leads
| to short-term thought out documents. In fact, the more their interfaces and
| features diverge the more people will just have to encode documents
| according to their structures and "trust the browser."

I tend to agree.


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