Re: Accessibility

>Just a point of note:
>(Seen on <URL:>:)
>> Microsoft Internet Explorer provides
>> greater Internet accessibility for all
>> people by being the first browser to let
>> you use your keyboard to explore the Web.
>Excuse me?  I don't think so!  This is such a
>blatantly false statement that i shouldn't
>even have to state the counterexamples here.

LOL! What Microsoft doesn't create, doesn't exist! Besides the guy that
wrote that is probably a VB programmer and has never seen or even heard of
Unix. Lynx users must be rolling over in their graves!  ;)

>Keyboard accessibility is a great feature, but
>Microsoft -- please keep your claims reasonable.

Now this is an even funnier statement!  ;)

Sean <DREAMING>someone puts me out of my misery before IE becomes the

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