Re: Introducing NetscapeML

> considered "proprietary" (then again, OLE's widespread use for the past
> few years has made it near-ubiquitous on Windows - compared to zip for
> NS plug-ins), but it is embedded via the <OBJECT> tag - on which we have
> language someone might care to put inside the SCRIPT tag.  Again, since
> VB has been out for a number of years, and has hundreds of thousands if
> not millions of developers, I'd say it's also fairly ubiquitous.  Since

Let's be careful about the use of the word "ubiquitous."

I know one VB programmer in a pool of seventy, and he only fiddles around.
VB, as is implemented in the MicroSoft camp, is more rare externally,
and is *definitely* well-entrenched only in the Windows environment.
The argument could be made that *Java* is more ubiquitous, even though
there's only a handfull of [real] Java programmers out there.

Also, I'm not sure that a significant enough percentage of created
applications are OLE-enabled to call OLE "ubiquitous on windows" (I know
Office uses it, but even if Office is the single most used application
out there, it's just one suite of applications....)

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