Re: new anchor type?

Scott E. Preece wrote:
> Proposed standards *are not* standards.

I did not make reference to these things as standards.  The
label "proposed standard" was used only to imply that they
were reasonably well thought-out.

> I agree that the ideas in 3.0 were mostly good and useful
> ones and I wish Netscape and Microsoft had picked more
> of them up

My message said it was a pity these things were not implemented;
no more.  You have expressed basically the same opinion here.

> The community failed to get 3.0 done and left the
> vendors free to do whatever they liked.

I guess this is a separately debatable issue.  Some would say
that the closing of the HTML-WG was not a retreat from failure.
On this, i have little to say; i only wanted to express that
i thought the ideas in HTML 3.0 had good value.
> Netscape is still the clear winner, and likely to remain 
> so as long as Microsoft is interested only in proprietary
> platforms (Windows and Macintosh)...



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