Re: new anchor type?

Scott E. Preece wrote:
>  From Ka-Ping Yee:
> |    It's a pity that Netscape...
> |
> |        - doesn't support the ID attribute.
> | ...
> |    Pity that.
> ---
> I hope you see the irony in the fact that you simultaneously slam
> Netscape for not cleaving to standards and for not implementing other
> things that aren't in standards...

I see no such contradiction.  I noted items that
were part of proposed standards which Netscape has
ignored, and even though HTML 3.0 is expired now, i
think that the life of HTML 3.0 would have turned
out very differently if Netscape had paid attention
to what was in it.

And if you are referring specifically to ID, which
doesn't happen to be in HTML 3.2 -- for which i have
still heard no justification at all -- the ID
attribute is certainly not dead, as it will be used
with style sheets and is mentioned in a few WDs.


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