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On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> At 10:03p 01/15/96, Hakon Lie wrote:
> >Kynn Bartlett writes:
> > > > faded in a given direction.
> > >
> > > So how many browsers support this, and which ones?
> >
> >At this point there are three implementations: Arena, emacs-w3 and
> >Tamaya.
> And these run on all major OS's, right? <G>

 Well actualy... yes :-) lets see.. Arena is available to almoust every 
Unix flavour ...ok, the newest versions are only available for now to a 
limited amount of OS's.. but this are only temporarly i think.. and there 
is even one version of Arena for Windows (althought i think its a bit old 
version..).. Emacs.. well... theres a port of emacs in every OS's under 
existence... well almoust every (i doubt that theres a port of Emacs to 
the ZX-Spectrun or to C64, but one never knows :-)), so running emacs-w3 
is as easy as getting the elisp source (wich is only interpreted by 
emacs, so its not architectural independent..) and of you go... about 
Tamaya.. since this is the first time ive heard anything about it, i dont 
have the faintest idea about idea..
 Just as a curiosity.. does anyone as an idea of how many Web browsers 
there is?
> So please tell -- which specific OS does each of these run under? I am not
> aware of any of these having been ported to MacOS, for example. Are these
> for Unix System V Release 4, or BSD 4.3, or SunOS, or IRIX 5.3, or Windows
> NT 3.5.1, or OS/2 Warp Connect, or OS/9, or AmigaDOS, or Atari TOS, or...

 Humm.. i wonder if theres any Web Browser for the Atari TOS...  about 
the other ones, like i said above the answer is yes.. (well at least 
emacs-w3 is .. one out of three aint that bad :-)) 
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