Re: background problem...HELP!!

Benjamin Franz testily wrote:

> Grrr...
> Please, please ,please - if you tell someone about stylesheets as a solution
> to a problem *today*, also mention the fact that no major browser supports
> stylesheets *today*.

Subject to your definition of "major", ok fine.

> Don't pretend it is a deployed technology - it isn't. 

Now you have strayed from fair comment to factual inaccuracy. CSS1 is
deployed today in three products that I am aware of: Arena, emacs-w3 and 
Tamaya. It is being readied for deployment in another browser. I cannot 
say which (non-disclosure) but the company involved is a well known 
multi-million corporate in the software business.

> In
> the last 9.3 *million* hits on a site I maintain with CSS stylesheets - there
> have been only 27 hits on the stylesheets (19 of them were 2 to 2 1/2 
> months ago - during the first two weeks the site was online, some of 
> which is contamination from myself).

Thanks for the statistics. Do you keep a User-agent log?  What browsers were 
generating those hits?

> Right now, the *only* widely viewable way to get a top to bottom fade is 
> to make a background image such as his 50x1045 one.

Which I said was a reasonable attempt.  I just pointed out a
specification of a better way.  What you fudge around with "widely
viewable" is that netscapisms are not widely deployed (outside of
Netscape, of course ;-)) 

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