grayed out/conditional form selections


I was wondering if there are any ideas/plans to implement
grayed out/conditional forms. I went through the FAQ and searched
through the list archives for keywords that seemed relevant but
there seems to be no mention of this.

What I was thinking of is something like this:

<P><input name="gender" type=radio value="male"> Male <P>

<CONDITIONAL "gender"="male">
   We have a fine selection of ties for the well dressed man.
   What kind would you be interested in ?<p>
   <input name="tietype" type=checkbox value="flashy"> Look at me!<p>
   <input name="tietype" type=checkbox value="subdued"> Subdued.<p>

<P><input name="gender" type=radio value="female">Female 

<CONDITIONAL "gender"="female">
  The latest from the fashion centers of the world. What
  would you be interested in ? <p>
  <input name="fashion" type=checkbox value="spring"> Spring Fashions<p>
  <input name="fashion" type=checkbox value="winter"> Winter Fashions<p>
  <input name="fashion" type=checkbox value="summer"> Summer Fashions<p>

The text inside the <CONDITIONAL></CONDITIONAL> statements is
grayed out (and form options inside it can't be selected) unless
the specified condition is met. I am not familiar with browser code
so can't say if it would be very inefficient to implement (seems simple
especially since we are only graying out areas), but it would be a
really useful feature to have.

Of course, the "condition" could be extended to include various
boolean operators if required, like
<CONDITIONAL "gender"="male" or ("something"="something_else" and "x"="y")>

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Received on Wednesday, 10 January 1996 01:30:53 UTC