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Hi everybody!
I was lurking for a long time enjoying your discussions and learning new
things :)
I was writing a perl cgi script for "last updates". I have almost finished
it. It seems working.  I was thinking to post it to the list but i saw a

The idea is to check the last edition date of the file (e.g the html file
of the current page) and print out in the current page at a proper place
as the page is being displayed by the visitor's browser.
However I got a problem. I could not figured out how to invoke it in a web
page. How can i refer to a cgi-bin program without any "click here"s?. It
should be invoked as the page appeared. 

Some counters are displayed for example as:

<img src="/cgi-bin/foo.cgi">

So the image, which is produced by foo.cgi, is displayed on the screen as 
the page is appearing, without any clicking.			
I need something like that. The output produced by my perl script should
be displayed just like the image above. I though there must be a tag
proper for that but i could not find it. 

Could you help me please? :)


Ersin Beyret	(
Editor, Imagination E-Journal
Electrical-Electronics Eng. Student.
Bogazici University

Received on Saturday, 6 January 1996 12:43:11 UTC