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Thanks for the input.  You're right, it's a transitional thing and will have a look and feel like the third party add-ons in function because it will modify the appearance of the window by opening another (just full screen).  The benefit in doing it this way is making as "few" additions to present html as possible.  You're also right about fonts and graphics adapted better for the screen but that's more under the control of the viewing software (engine/browser).  It's a step in the right direction.  I'm trying to get working with one of the "build-browser-into-app" packages that have come out this month and, hopefully, it'll allow me to mock up something to show the list.

Thanks again.

From: 	Murray J Bent[]
Sent: 	Thursday, January 04, 1996 9:39 PM
Subject: 	re: tvml

SUre it'd be cool to have webpages show up as you say in
your posting on tvml.

I'm assuming the percentage of pages marked up with tvml
would be pretty low, and want to raise the more practical
issue of transformations between existing mark-up/applet codes
and the optimal tv display version.

Things like replacing <HR> with a more tv-readable image
seem to count for a lot, and yet this is not in the
markup its inthe transformation that takes account of the
poor rendering of horizontal lines on tv's. 

Font sizes in current HTML would have to be transformed in 
a similar way to preserve their relative size to the standard 3.
Standard 3 font size is too small for tv, obviously.

Your tvml suggestions appear like stylesheets to me, that  leave
alone the existing logical markup, but i'm a programmer not a
mark up guy.

anyhow, that's how i see a lot of opprtunity, allowing markup to
be done as it is now for the Web, while crafting some transformation
routines that help render what's there the best way possible.

i am working on parsers that do this..

Just about everyone wants to see the Web eh?

murray b

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