Re: Wish List for New Spec

> 1. Math -- not for me, but for my users.  A lot of TV design/research 
> involves equations, requiring my users to create their documents in 
> Microsoft Word.  If HTML had math, it could be just about as easy for my 
> users to create in HTML (using Internet Assistant for Word) as in Word, with 
> all of HTML's additional benefits.

So many people seem to be saying that actually, yes they or people they know 
use maths ... perhaps it is only marketing people who do not? ;-)
> 2. File Upload as a mandatory (usage?) rather than experimental standard. 

Well, HTML is only a Proposed Standard - don't let that worry you.

>  Kudos to Larry Masinter and Ernesto Nebel for their work on file upload, 
> which should finally result in the "read-write" Web Tim BL dreamed of years 
> ago.  Why is it that so few people other than me think this is the greatest 
> Web advance since images :(?

Have you looked at Symposia? This gives WYSIWIG HTML editing with lock/unlock 
and save back to the original server using PUT; it is even closer to what the 
NeXT browser/editor tried to do.Oh and it does Math too, but it doesn't look 
like the HTML 3 draft math. I need to root in the documentation to see what 
it does use.

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