Different Language in HTML

Is there a way out there to view a language other than english in the 
Netscape browser. i.e if i wish to have the hindi text written on the 
browser(not the ps file) instaed of te english text, what do i do ? 

My goal is : I want to view hindi text in the browser which supports html 
. The text should be clikable as eng. text

1.) Am i required to design fonts for the desired language. 
2.) Is there a software available for unix which lets me type hindi 
characters on the screen. Something very similar to ITRANS by Avinash 
Chopde at his URL http://www.paranoia.com/~avinash/itrans.html. Instead 
of a PS file i want a unix file

Is it possible ? I heard sometimes back that Japanese have developed a 
Japanese browser. Any hints ??????

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Received on Tuesday, 2 January 1996 05:53:08 UTC