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HTML Copyrighting.

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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 00:09 EST
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Hello, I have a question about copy righting HTML documents.

I was hired by a college in the Upstate New York area last summer to 
develope a series of HTML servers and a web site for the college. At the
time I was hired, an agreement was reached orally between myself and the
administrator that if I would agree to work for $4.25 hr as a work study
that I would be hired as the full time web developer and Admin in 
 It is now almost may and they have not given me the contract that I agreed
to with them for the work I have done. My question is this....

Several parts of the network and many of their pages and graphics were 
done by myself in my spare time for which I did not recieve any payment. 
These pages state that they are Copy Righted in my name in the HTML Sorce
code. Do I legally own these pages? Or do I need to contact an lawyer to
do this? 

Also since I was payed far below value for the work I did for them believing
that they would hire me full time in december, can I hold them to this 
contract at all? Is there any legal ground to stand on? Or am I up a creek
with out a paddle?

I learned this week that since all of the server development is done and
only some HTML code remains to be done that they are planing to have 3 
students take my position and offer them free tuition in place of payment.

Each time I have discussed this position with the Administrator over the
last few months he assured me that the position was mine and would become
effective VERY shortly. He was either just writing the job description or
it was being reviewed by Personel. I talked with the dirrector of Personel
on Friday and she told me she has never heard of such a position. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be greatful for any input at all.

Sean P. O'Connor
The College of Saint Rose
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