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Re: Conformance ratings (was: Extra! Microsoft beats Netscape in the race for non-conformance!) (fwd)

From: MegaZone <megazone@livingston.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 16:21:07 -0800 (PST)
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To: www-html@w3.org
Once upon a time Daniel W. Connolly shaped the electrons to say...
>If the extension documentation was accompanied by a DTD, the validation
>systems could stay up-to-date trivially.

This is something I do feel needs to be addressed.  I don't think there is
any problem with vendor extensions, but I do believe the vendor is then
responsible to generate a DTD to cover them.

>providers have something to conform _to_. This business of the vendors
>reverse-engineering each other's features (and bugs!) has GOT to

I completely agree.

>I'll grant that the benefit of putting the proper <!doctype ...>
>doesn't justify the cost at this point. But it will before long. On
>the one hand because authoring tools are getting better, so the cost
>is going down, and on the other hand because there _will_ be a value
>to it. I don't have the details written up just yet, but expect to see
>it soon.

If the ease of including it increases *and* the usefulness increases, then
I'll grant you will probably see increased use.

I still feel that something needs to be done to address multi-vendor pages.
Even if M$ and NS both create perfect DTDs for their extensions - what if
I use both?  The way I read the spec you can only have *one* <!doctype> on
a page.  Can this be changed to allow for Multiple Doctype definitions?  
Maybe some standard way for combining doctypes?

>>And I'll tell you how I've used it - important warnings are in bold text,
>>in 2.0 they are also bright red.
>Stylesheets. Stylesheets. Stylesheets.
>You have been warned.
>See: http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Style/

I know, as soon as some reasonable number of browsers support them and
there is some documentation written for the layman that I can give to
someone in Marketing without having to spend a day explaining it, I'll use
them.  I'll probably play with them on my own long before I put them on
a production site.  Actually, basically it is when MS and M$ support them.
20 other browsers could use them, but those two *are* the market and the
majority of the audience.  It wouldn't be worth the return on the time
investment in adding them to the pages without solid support from the
majority.  Adding a tag while you're editing a doc anyway is simple.

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