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Chuckle: McDonald.com (was re: expando)

From: Tara D. Mahon <tara@insight-corp.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 96 12:06:13 -0400
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>At 6:31p 02/13/96, Mouse Honmyhr wrote:
>>does mcdonalds have a web page?heh heheh
>In fact, they do have "mcd.com" domain name... ;)

And if you recall, about two years ago Wired Magazine did a piece on who
could rightly "own" domain names (after the Kaplan/Princeton Review
controversy), and the piece had a recurring theme: a conversation with a PR
agent for McDonald's regarding the Internet...

After the author made several phone calls and held countless interviews, the
McDonald's agent finally said she could not find anyone at McDonald's with
enough Internet knowledge to comment, and to just write the story without
them.  The author then went on to register mcdonald.com in his own name, and
he solicited suggestions to "ronald@mcdonald.com" on what to do with his new
found domain (possibly sell it back to McDonald's).

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