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Re: help with frames

From: <ries@prz.tu-berlin.de>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 07:03:21 +0100 (MEZ)
Message-Id: <199602100602.HAA17973@tubkom.prz.tu-berlin.de>
To: stettler@asc-tech.com (Mark Stettler)
Cc: www-html@w3.org
Hi Mark,

quoting you:
> Lets say that I have two frames (we'll call them A and B) that are 
> oriented side by side. Frame A is the menu frame and the TARGET output 
> is Frame B. The HTML Pages that are called up into Frame B (from my 
> directory) have links to other sites. When I click on one of those 
> links, it puts the site Home Page into Frame B. What I want to know is:
> How would I set up a "back" pointer so that it goes back to my last HTML 
> page that was in frame B? By the way, frame B could have any one of a 
> number of my HTML pages in it that called up the remote HTML page!

If you are surfing with mozilla you can simply click on the right mouse
button and than select back or forward in the history buffer of the
(selected) *frame* (alternativly you can work with Alt+Left/Alt+Right). 

And if you want give your visitors a special Back/Forward button for the
*frame*, well with some knowledge about JavaScripting this is a rather
straightforward task. Please look at the sources of 


It's a page with frames just in compliance with your description above.
Frame A (TOC) contains among others a link to the JavaScripting
Documentation. Hope that helps!

Such a self-made back button is advantageous if one of your
links in Frame A should refer to another frame page. If the
visitor should select it she will have no other oppurtunity
to go back in the scope of Frame B after it is overloaded 
with another frame page (because she can't select Frame B 
in it's new confines as a sole entity anymore but only some 
of it's new parts).

With a self-made Back button remaining in Frame A she can 
address Frame B and can go back as long as she don't resize 
the window (resizing seems to flush the contents of the history 

Regards Friedhelm

Friedhelm ries@prz.tu-berlin.de http://colos-www.prz.tu-berlin.de/~ries/
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