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Seeking Internet Panelists

From: <MiaOusley@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 15:20:54 -0500
Message-Id: <960202152053_412978538@emout09.mail.aol.com>
To: www-html@w3.org
     I'm a reporter for a San Francisco firm called Off the Record Research,
and I'm seeking Internet programmers and users (at least 20 hours per month)
for a panel that will continue for about the next 6 months.
     Off the Record publishes newsletters and reports on trends that may
affect the investment community. Because we report on general trends, we
don't use the personal or company names of any sources, and we do send a copy
of the report to everyone who participates.
     As a member of the panel, you would talk with me for about 15 minutes
monthly (longer the first month) regarding why you use the 'net, what
products you use and plan to use to improve your Internet access, and other
related issues. If you are a programmer on the 'net you would talk about what
tools/languages you use, and your opinions of the tools/languages available,
     Please inform me ASAP if you would participate as a panelist. Use e-mail
or call me at 510-222-6572. You may verify my request by contacting:
     Annie Fountain, Managing Editor
     OTR Research Associates
     243 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA  94111
     phone 415-675-7660 / fax 415-362-0124
     e-mail:  76766.1315@CompuServe.com
If you are willing to participate, please send the following info with your
     (1) What percentage of your use is personal, corporate, or for nonprofit
     (2) your age and gender;
     (3) your snail mail name, address, and phone; and
     (4) where you read this message.
Thank you for considering this, and I look forward to a positive response.
-- Mia Ousley
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