suggesions to HTML3.0+

Hi! I am not sure if the following have been suggested or in the 
coming standard. ( though I have some idea about the HTMl 3.0 draft.)

Here we go:

1. New INPUT Marks:

As the browser has become the Interface of almost everything( you could
write a editor, database interface or flat file database, rolodex, 
calendar...etc, well, I did.) So we could have scrollable bar, just 
as the X window's except that we make it an "INPUT" type.


We could have different  scale ( real number, integer, natural number 
and alphebets.). And we can see the number changed when we scrool along
the bar. Or we could load the "non-numerical value" that we wish to load them.


<INPUT TYPE=button ACTION="cgi-bin/do_somthing.cgi>

This is a tag that will be pretty much the same as "submit" input 
but it will be standing along without having <FORM></FORM> and of course
it could be used for the new features provided by the netscape 2.0.
adding TARGET window as tag.

2.Placement Mark.

Sorry, if it looks too familiar to people who knows Latex or TeX. We could
have placement tag that load the whole block of HTML to the desired 
position from that line with upper left corner as (0,0) and positive 
for x heading right and positive for the y heading down.

<PLACE X=3in Y=4in >
some HTML

It is also conceivable that it is good to make it "object oriented". 
( but not quiet in the programming sense.) A careful examination should
reveal  that many mark has overlapped tags. (e.g. ALIGN) why don' t we 
have all the tags on each single mark and see if they works. So I could
have  <OPTION SRC="image"> ( I think this is in coming HTML3.0+) and 
<OPTION SRC="some urls?! crazy">

3. Uniformity:

Finally, I think uniformity of the marks are important, I don't know if 
they are going to name it differently when you have applet for Java and 
then something else for the Xscripts...etc. There should be a way 
to uniformly name them but with speical tags describing their functinality
and format. ( or maybe we don't need it since server could client 
could tell automatically.)

Just a few thoughts. 



Received on Thursday, 28 September 1995 18:14:06 UTC