Re: HTML 3.0 suggestion

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Carl Benker wrote:

> Hi,
> Yesterday I had posted to this mailing list a request to make
> list items "containers" by adding a </LI> tag to the HTML spec.
> I received a fair amount of email that said that I should have
> looked into it a little on my own, since it was already in the
> standard.

[Carl continues to reference the HTML 2 spec and says it is not listed 

I have printed the HTML 3 spec as presented by and I can't find it 
listed under the OL/UL sections there either. Could someone please list 
the source where it is a part of the standard?

BTW, I can't find the </IMG> tag in any standards either, although I've 
seen it used by some HTML editors...

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