HTML anime

hey folks at HTML how do I do the following thing
I would like to have the page split in half /horizontally but what wold be
the coding for that?Say transparency of the top half is 65%and bottom is
picture repeated many times ,wch.forms a pattern.Is this clear enough? Hope
best wishes
Peter Web Architect(to be,cos now I am hooked onto it<HTML> )
PS Also Can I animate something in HTML??? And if yes How?? (there was a
talk about Web browsers being compatible with Director,I have Netscape
1.1,is this O.K. to animate something very small,say just the top of the
picture <head>bit would be as big as header space on Eudora reader(2&1/2
inches max.)

Received on Wednesday, 27 September 1995 20:58:30 UTC