Re: Structure vs. appearance in HTML

The solution to getting browsers to apply to standards is quite simple:
convince the end user that applying to standards is better.  The reason
browser writers DONT stick to standards is because they can do BETTER
and EASIER stuff by themselves, and users like that.

Case in point.  Try explaining to an end user who knows nothing about
standards and could really care less that:

  <a rel=EMBED href=...></a>

is better than:

  <embed src=...></embed>

They will not agree with you, because to them the latter is better!  So,
in order for us to work users towards wanting the actual standards--rather
than personal browser standards--we will have to convince them that using
TrueHTML is the better thing, which means it _has to be better_.

The best way to do this is to educate the users, let them know that they
can use <p align=center> over <center>, and that it is more accepted.
Get some of the GOOD additions to HTML actually incorporated into the
True standard, rather than holding out and being stubborn (such as
border=xxx on images).

We could do something along the lines of the HTML verified icon, but have a
TrueHTML icon instead, small and out of the way, but which people start
to see places, and by clicking upon it they go to a page explaining the
idea behind TrueHTML, which is to be standard across ALL browsers, not just
xxx commercial browser which wants to try and get its own niche.  Explain
some of the neat things that TrueHTML does/has that netscape/whatever DOESNT

Furthermore, some standards need to be upgraded to keep in pace with the
commercial browsers, we have to start out-guessing them, creating the same
if not better features, but with the official stamp of approval.  Start to
get people aware that there is a True standard and a non-true standard,
people have a tendancy to like the underdog, so let them know that the true
standard is being squashed by commercialism, and only they can help by
demanding that their favorite browser sticks to the True standards.

Basically what it boils down to is that the users will use what they find
to be the best, what has to be done is that the TrueHTML has to give this
same functionality, perhaps not exactly the same as other browsers who
created it (because it is incorrect/wrong, such as HR width=%50, instead have
HR width=(half|quarter|full)), but it has to be given, otherwise the users
will simply use the non-truehtml and be damned if TrueHTML doesn't get
sqashed and forgotten about in the dust--the user will not care, and it is
the USER who makes the web what it is.

Until next time, enjoy...

-Brandon Gillespie-

Received on Friday, 22 September 1995 14:56:31 UTC