Re[2]: The REAL proposal for addition to HTML 3.0: EMBED

"Daniel W. Connolly" <> voluntarily purged these thoughts:
> In message <>, Alex Edelstein writes:
> >Description
> >
> >EMBED is a container that allows the insertion of arbitrary objects directly 
> >into an HTML page. Embedded objects are supported by application-specific 
> >plug-ins.
> You mentioned that you'll submit these specs as internet drafts once
> you've got ELEMENT and ATTLIST declarations figured out. I'm willing
> to help. But...
> >EMBED can take arbitrary attributes.
> I believe this is not expressible in SGML. To write the DTD, we have
> to know the list of possible attribute names. This issue came up
> in discussion of the APP element as well. (Dan surfs the archive...)

	I also wrote a page about this at:

> p.s. Mark Gaither: you wanna start hacking up a DTD to describe these
> extensions and stick it on the validation service so everybody can try
> them out? I know you're busy... if you're too busy, is there anybody
> else who runs a clone of the validation service who wants to try
> it out?
	I'll give it a go Dan.

> Maybe I'll get a clone running on I need to do that
> for the conformance testing anyway.

	Yes you should. I am already working with one working mirror
	site and I'm getting a UK site up this week.


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