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HTML Development Rates

From: Annette Senechalle <asenec@steps.atsi.edu>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 10:08:26 -0500
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For all those who objected to my post regarding HTML Development Rates, please
use DELETE key now.

For all those who expressed an interest in the responses received to my post regarding
HTML Development Rates, following are excerpts from them.  Thanks to all who contributed.


I charge $350 - 500 per page ( about 6 screen fulls roughly ). This includes
about 5 photos. Scanning basic photos is included. Any more pictures or
graphics work is bid per job. I average around $35 CDN per hour.

The above price includes registration in about 20 databases.

I don't offer discounts for text on disk but simply allow them more
pictures. Forms and CGI work is billed at around $90 CDN. 

Most jobs are bid per job....I NEVER charge a going rate per page as I find
that it limits creativity and does not allow one to customize. To limiting.


Here in the UK I've seen many adverts for about UKP 500 per day. But I'm
sure a lot of these people aren't as qualified as those on this list - in
fact I'd bet they're not too hot at all. I'd imagine that those of us
"in the know" (sorry if that sounds, well, you know!) should be able
to get a better rate than this.


I have a $99 special for one logo, 3 local links, up to three pages of text.
up 5 remote links. Maintenance starts at $29 monthly for upgrades, or
editing existing text - one monthly ftp update.


I just read an article on the web in the Sunday Business section and
they mentioned the figure $2,000-$10,000 for a basic 10-part home page.


Don't know if this'll help, but I'm just a college student, and I've been 
offered anywhere from $25 to $40 an hour....


35.00 to 50.00 per page.
Plus special graphic work and form scripting @50.00 per hour.


One thing you are going to find is that the market determines rates on this
new and dynamic industry. In the community I live in ( . . .
Canada pop: 10,000 ) few would pay more than $500 for a page. At 10 hrs per
page, one is still doing well. CGI development runs about $75 - 100 per hour.

In communities larger than 60,000 ( Northern BC, Canada ) the going rate is
$500 - $2000 per page. At this rate they sign up about 1-2 per week. At my
rates I average about 5 - 7 new clients a week. 

They market varies dramatically from community to community depending on
competition and population. The larger centers have more educated, literate
computer people ( who tend to value HTML more ). In areas were the school
system is well established, youth are getting trained to create these pages.


The creation of a WEB site probably needs to be quoted on a per project
basis.  If it just a simple web site ... then you would pay about the same
as you would for a simple desk top publishing job.  If it is more complex
involving CGI scripts etc then thats a higher rate.

Some suppliers here in Toronto are asking $175. per hour.


A year ago and before that the market would bear rates like $75 to $150
per hour.  I was then charging only $40 per hour and was considered
cheap.  I would do straight html, forms, page layout and graphics. I
was charging a separate rate for back-end programming.  

I think people are less inclined to pay high rates now because the
knowledge of html is more widespread and there are a lot of tools
available that automate the process.  I recently heard of the concept of
html typing pool where students or low cost operators ($20 per hour) do
the bulk of the work.  


...varies widely..

I prefer to do custom proposals which account for the amount of time I
spend on the development x $40/hr.  It comes out to about
$100-$150/page.  It varies also by client.  Ask for a budget or budget
range first, and trim down the extras according to that budget (or add
more features if they are generous).


I think it depends a lot on what you do & where you are; I've seen rates 
varying from $800 U.S per day (Bay area, Calif.) to $300 CDN per day 
(B.C. Interior). Market dynamics may have a lot to do with it also - the 
$800 figure was November '94, the $300 was June '95.


Have a look at 

and focus attention on your special request



FYI... I charge somewhere between 45 and 70 per hour depending on
the complexity of the pages.  It varies from cliet to cliet depending
on what the cliet would like to see and how complex it would be.


1) Some company here charges about $1 for "final" HTML. That means that 
if you get something like 200kb worth of .html's (including image maps, 
gifs & jpegs, and everything else that will go on the server), you have 
to pay $200. They offer a 60-day support, meaning, if there are bugs or 
errors, they fix that for free.

2) Myself. I charge about $10-$15 per "developing hour". That's real hard 
to count... but my customers are happy. My customers have to provide some 
electronic version of the information they want to publish (or pay an 
extra $.35/printed page to type that). Images are mostly on my own (I pay 
somebody else for artistic work). . . Obviously, CGI's add up on the bill, 
because they are more complex to debug and implement. (Made by the "other" 
company, that could be about $800, wich is robery, from my point of view)

. . .

Also for the record, I'm a full time physics student. I don't do this for 

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