Two basic question.

Dear Sir:
     I am a new user of Internet and a basic HTML writer that is building my 
homepage. I have two question to ask.
     1)  I think is the list address of this mailing list ( 
i.e. It is a person to write to ) while is  a mail 
server address( i.e. it's a machine that carry on the CAMMAND). AM I RIGHT?
     2) I've got windows httpd in my PC. Since the OS might premote to 
Windows NT , how could I find a good httpd in NTplatform on Internet as well 
as CGI for NT that I can start my work in the future?
     I'd  appreciate it if somebody could help me answer my basic questions. 
Thanks a lot.


Received on Thursday, 7 September 1995 11:17:28 UTC