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%%>       Are you saying that a TeX widget could be developed from the current
%%>       TeX source code?  As I understand it, this would not be too easy, but
%%>       not _that_ hard either, as long one does not try to implement it as an
%%>       editable widget.
%%>    No.  I'm saying that something can be ginned up to produce hypertext
%%>    documents from dvi files (with appropriate \special's).  That would
%%>    keep the TeX/LaTeX community happy until something better could be
%%>    done.
%%>Latex2html already has such a feature.  see http://www.ELSEVIER.NL/WWW94/PrelimProcs.html

Yes, but doesn't it produce thousands of little GIFs, and only work on Unix?
Also, just look at the positioning of "LaTeX" in the documentation to see
how badly it works.

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