I just thought I'd let you all know that as part of my Honours Project
in Computer Systems Engineering here at Carleton University, I intend
to modify NCSA's Mosaic for X Windows to allow it to display inline
TeX documents.  However, I will be using a slimmed down version of TeX
to reduce it's somewhat enourmous size.  Undoubtedly a lot of the
"detailed" TeX will be dropped.  I will DEFINITELY include support for
equations.  If all goes well I think that we can expect something out
by March '95, but perhaps sooner.  This is only one aspect of the
project, but it does include going through the Mosaic code (ugh!) and
TeX code.

I'll keep you posted.  Let me know what you all think...

- Alex

In <> Torgeir Veimo <> writes:

>> It will delay us by the time needed to hack up a TeX-based system,
>> which should be a few months, not a few years.  Since I estimate that
>> it will take at least 3 years to implement the system we want, this
>> will increase the time from about 3 years to perhaps 3.5 years.

>Are you saying that a TeX widget could be developed from the current TeX
>source code? As I understand it, this would not be too easy, but not _that_
>hard either, as long one does not try to implement it as an editable widget.  

>I assume that a in-memory format a bit more structurized than dvi could be
>used, in much the same way as the html widget in the Mosaic distribution does
>make use of a formatted element list.

>It would be much harder to have an editable TeX source, much harder than a
>structured text source such the one I'm working on.

>If anyone could forward me to a introduction/reference document available
>online I would appreciate it very much.

>Torgeir @
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