Richard Koman and Ryan Bernard both seem to be proposing that HTML be
extended to make it better at displaying graphics produced from
nonHTML source.  This is precisely what is needed to implement my
proposal for a quick implementation of a TeX/LaTeX based system for
producing Web-able hypertext documents.  So, we are having an
agreement on that.

There seems to be disagreement about whether we also need something
more--namely, a new, wonderful HTML standard for scientific documents.
I propose that we defer any decision about that, and try to get what
we agree upon done quickly.

Adopting Acrobat as a standard for embedded graphics in HTML documents
may be a reasonable way to proceed.  I know hardly anything about
Acrobat.  The relevant question seems to be: How much work is it to
convert a program that now produces Postscript to one that produces

Leslie Lamport

Received on Thursday, 15 September 1994 21:39:30 UTC